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ABRIS has nearly a decade and a half of experience in Temenos T24 Core Banking software implementation and support. Our Temenos certified business and technical consultants assure the high standard of service that we offer our clients.

In 2002 we were hired to implement the T24 Core Banking system at Hungary’s MKB Bank, involving the full range of modules. This was one of the most extensive implementation projects of its kind in the word at the time. Since then we have been providing the bank with first-line support, to their full satisfaction: they have had no major application-related problems in this period, and we have built a fully secure system for them that is able to operate for months on end without a single error arising. 

Our T24 Competence Centre is staffed with experienced professionals, performing activities such as support, development, business consultancy and testing.

ABRIS is the first Temenos partner to acquire significant competence and references in the conversion from jBase databases to RDBMS (Oracle and MS SQL). Since 2013, we have been an official Temenos Upgrade Partner.

Through our renowned GAMMA product, we are also a Temenos Complementary Solutions Partner. 

Support optimisation

We are able to recommend how support and maintenance of T24 can be optimised for your operation. This consultancy-based service starts with an evaluation of the processes and workflows in place at your company for operation and support, outlining the options for improvement, where relevant, and then introducing new workflows and best practices.

ABRIS has a set of benchmarks for B2B solutions related to support, ranging from operational support in the development cycle, to quality assurance and workflow management, right through to release management. The support team provides advice in relation to development prior to testing, and oversees the cycle during the testing period as well. It also maintains and documents the various releases.

We offer a preventive support program that addresses possible future operational malfunctions and prevents harmful events from occurring. ABRIS’s approach to preventive support has a 5-year proven track record, and includes the elaboration of an appropriate workflow as well as the creation of a dedicated knowledge base to assist the client. This tried and tested approach serves to reduce the occurrence of major, ‘show-stopper’ issues, while allowing minor issues to be resolved by less qualified support personnel without requiring frequent supervision from more senior staff.

T24 development centre

We provide a flexible offsite development resource. If your company lacks the inhouse expertise to fully utilise the potential of the T24 development function, or if you have peaks in your development cycle where you need additional resources, we will manage this through an onsite technical consultant who can transfer work to offsite-based resources when needed. In line with your business requirements, developments can be managed rapidly and efficiently, and you only pay for work that is actually delivered to you.

Our certified technical consultants and almost a decade and a half of experience in the T24 universe will assure the delivery of a high-quality solution that is fully compatible with your core system. 

T24 Solution design

Based on the requirements of your bank’s business, we will design a technical solution for your T24 developers. This design will enable your programmers to perform their T24 development tasks more easily and effectively. This approach has a successful track record dating back more than a decade. ABRIS solution designs help prevent development tasks from taking longer than they should, and the quality of the development work will also be higher. There will be no mismatch between business requirements and the developed version, while the testing scenarios can be incorporated into the design phase itself. The higher quality of development and the simpler testing cycles save time and resources for the bank.


We create test scenarios based on business requirements, execute test plans and test cases, give you an evaluation of previous tests, and recommend enhancements in testing. Testing starts early, at the initial design phase, allowing business needs to be more effectively focused upon. After creating the appropriate test scenarios, performance tests are carried out to evaluate certain aspects of the development requirements. The key aim of ABRIS’s testing approach is to achieve a return of investment in the shortest time possible, while ensuring that the tests are easy to deploy and execute, under the guidance of ABRIS’s experts. 

COB performance

We evaluate the performance of your COB, analyse the slow-running jobs and processes, and provide you with advice on how to speed up your COB procedures.

We look at the entire Close of Business process, including all the tasks that come before and after the COB batch process. All of the procedures and jobs are assessed, after which we recommend an optimal solution for processing the various tasks. Our approach includes a rearrangement of the tasks involved – reducing redundancies, and combining other tasks to achieve greater efficiency, thus eliminating the root cause of the excessive processing times.

We also offer analytical tools so that the bank’s employees are able to continue the trend-analysis work and continue to improve running times, process records, and select time and throughput information.

Order a COB performance enhancement project from ABRIS and you will be charged only if there is measurable improvement in your COB processes!


ABRIS has its own methodology for T24 archiving, which ensures business continuity for users. By following our recommended archiving procedures, the live database can be maintained at the optimum level, keeping storage size to a minimum and the performance of online and COB operations at a maximum.

The key milestones in the methodology are analysis, design, development, testing and operation. We do not simply implement the archiving solution, but help the bank to incorporate the archiving function into the latest development and to run the archiving processes on a day-to-day basis. 


ABRIS helps you keep your core banking systems up-to-date and running on the very latest releases. With our experience in live operation of T24 and successfully implemented upgrades, we have elaborated our own upgrade methodology, which has been approved by Temenos. We are able to supplement the core technical upgrades with various measures that make the overall process simpler and more effective for clients.

ABRIS offers two different upgrade methods to its bank clients.
- Technical upgrade
- Process-led upgrade


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