SAMBA went LIVE with GAMMA as Temenos Core Banking Monitoring and Automation tool

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 01 Sep 2017: Samba Financial Group went LIVE with Abris's GAMMA, for monitoring and managing its Temenos Core Banking system operations. Gamma has been configured for Dubai, Qatar, Cayman Island and Saudi and currently the Close of Business (COB) is running only on Dubai, Qatar and Cayman Islands with Gamma as Saudi is still in the implementation phase. The product was chosen after a strict POC evaluation done by the Samba team. Among the other products involved in the evaluation process, Samba realised that Gamma is having vast features compared with others as well as new and new features coming up with every new releases. Also it is the best complementary product which was approved by Temenos for both monitoring and automation of Temenos Core Banking system.


GAMMA will be using for both online and COB monitoring of Temenos Core Banking system in Samba along with complete COB automation from Pre-COB activities to Post-COB activities. This is the first Multi-country implementation of Gamma on a single instance of Temenos Core Banking system in the world. This feature was exclusively developed for Samba as there were no other clients were using this feature in gamma so far even though there are customers who are using Gamma for several countries with different instances of Temenos Core Banking system.


Abris team has started the initial phase of implementation in UAT system from offsite in the second half of November 2016 and after the successful completion of SIT, UAT and a green flag to Go-Live by the team in June, decided the Go-Live date as 24th August 2017. Abris team started the onsite visit with a two days intensive training for System Administrators as well as operators and assisted the Samba team with installation of Gamma in the production system. The Go-Live was very smooth and system handover to the operators for running COB from Gamma has been done on the same day.  


Samba is Abris's second client in the kingdom after Alinma Bank for Gamma. 


About Samba Financial Group:


Samba is one of the region's largest and most acclaimed financial services groups with an unrivalled reputation for world class financial solutions comparable with the best in the world. Samba has been leading the industry in innovation with a long list of industry firsts, playing a major role in the modern transformation of banking in Saudi Arabia. Indeeed, our world class services, market-leading products and superior technology have made us one of the most successful financial services brands and the most internationally acclaimed bank in Saudi Arabia and even the Middle East.


Samba Financial Group has grown from being Saudi Arabia's premier bank into an international financial services entity. Samba's expanding presence in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia includes branches in the U.K., Dubai, Pakistan, and Qatar. International growth is a vital part of Samba's vision as it seeks to bring its brand of world class banking services to customers in more and more markets around the world.


Samba is the most internationally acclaimed bank in the Kingdom and the region, reaping more recognition from top publications and independent international organizations for its world class products and services than any other Saudi bank. Indeed, over the last two decades, Samba has been honored as the Best Bank in Saudi Arabia for virtually every year. Such unparalleled consistency shows Samba's enduring commitment to excellence, an unwavering commitment inspired by the trust and confidence of our customers through the years.


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