Over the past years we have identified and honed competencies in several key areas where ABRIS is able to deliver significant, quantifiable added value to clients.

We have been supporting clients on T24 for 13 for years now, and based on our own experience as well as on client feedback, ABRIS’s support has enabled our clients to achieve 99.9% T24 System SLA availability, which means there is no significant application system downtime when ABRIS T24 support mechanisms are in place.

We have had business relations with Temenos clients on other projects where T24 first-line support was not managed by ABRIS, and there, we found that the companies concerned were constantly having to manage operational issues, sometimes on a daily basis. For these businesses, just one hour’s downtime a month cost them an average of USD 12 million a year if we factor in not only the direct costs involved, but also the related indirect costs such as reputational damage and the erosion of customer trust. By contrast, clients who have been using our support services have saved themselves considerable expenses over time.

Our clients greatly appreciate the speed as well as the quality of the services we deliver. To pick just one example from the catalogue of positive feedback we have received over the years, following the go-live of a major project that we recently delivered in a mere two-month timeframe, the client said that “while other IT vendors are usually just template providers, ABRIS is a genuine solutions provider”. It’s gratifying to know that we are succeeding in our stated mission of delivering bespoke, high value-added solutions to the companies that put their trust in us.

At ABRIS, our vision is to be a leading player in the EMEA region for core-banking consultancy, products and services. Our longer-term goal is to achieve global presence through our unique, market-leading products and delivery systems. We will continue to provide products and services that assure quantifiable added value to users and to make such solutions available to an increasing number of companies around the world.

Our strategy stems from our vision: we would like to achieve sustainable growth over the long term through our products and services, based on our expertise and on our dedication to our clients and their business needs. Our strategy is based on the following pillars:

1. Building long-term relationships with our clients, and ensuring they are fully satisfied with our services based on the demonstrable added value we deliver to their businesses.

2. Maintaining a high-performance professional team of experts with many years of experience covering the entire spectrum of disciplines involved in core-banking IT.

3. Nurturing a solid partnership base of contractual relations with market-leading global and regional vendors who will help strengthen our presence in the region and, in the longer term, globally.

4. Conducting continuous, high quality R&D work in relation to products and services, which will help us to continue delivering world-class bespoke, cutting-edge solutions to our clients. 

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