GAMMA (General Application Monitoring and Measeurement Analyzer) is an intelligent monitoring system for the IT Operation.

We have been developing the application along the following main missions. Our missions are to eliminate T24 business outage, alert IT Operation before the user and customer meet the problem, support IT Operation to be proactive, localize and solve problems as quick as possible. In the near future we are planing to extend the functionalities to also monitor system components intercoperating with T24.

GAMMA - Monitor for T24

Main features

  • Overall IT operation tool for T24 Banking System 
  • Real time availability monitoring of T24 system components 
  • Automate the pre-COB and post-COB tasks and initiate the whole COB process from GAMMA
  • Monitor the performance and operation of interfaces 
  • Monitor the whole COB process
  • Analyse COB trends
  • Common dashboard for T24 environments 
  • Obtain data from OS, TAFC or T24 with a controlled way without having T24 or jShell access
  • Connection between the IT and Business using GAMMA Service concept
  • Advanced alerting and escalation management
  • Alerting via HTML-formatted mails and SMS Start T24 programs and services from GAMMA dashboard and monitor their works
  • SLA management 

Technical details

  • One GAMMA server monitors up to 6 environments with one common dashboard
  • Store the measurements in a separate database
  • Easy configuration and extensive parameterisation
  • User level security management (user groups, roles, role groups)
  • Security in focus - Out of the application server users are not allowed to change the application parameter
  • Windows Authentication with Single Sign-On
  • Easy to interface to central management tools 
  • No intervention to the process flow – no performance impact
  • Automatic archiving of old data
  • Support T24 G13 – R14 and all databases (jBase, Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL)

Real-time measurements

  • Check the overall status of T24 – TAFC, holidays, logged on users, locking system, etc.
  • Check the behaviour of the TSA.SERVICES 
  • Check the locking system, identify the long locks 
  • Check the behaviour of the EB.PHANTOMs and DE.PHANTOMs
  • Check the MQ channels availability and queue depths
  • Identify the general speed of the system
  • Check the speed of the transactions 
  • Check the errors of the transactions
  • Check the COMO logs, identify the errors 
  • Check OS level processes that must or must not run 
  • Check TC Server operation, adapter availability, processing time, transaction counts
  • Check the illegal access to the system, applications, records, e.g. VIP customer accounts
  • Check the COB jobs running times and record counts
  • Check the Database Driver logs (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL)

COB Monitor

  • A web-based component to monitor the COB processing real-time 
  • Display actual statuses of the monitored systems
  • Manage multiple COBs 
  • Immediately sign and alarm if problem happens(occurs)
  • Check for long running times
  • Check for processing stagnation
  • Show statistics and detailed information of the jobs
  • Possibility to include control and monitor pre- and post-COB activities
  • All the COB related details stored in database 
  • Intelligent way to determine the expected run-time
  • Distinguish special COBs (e.g. month-end, interest payments …) 
  • Estimation for opening time

COB Analyser

  • Intelligent, web-based analyzer, display COB statistics with many out-of-the box charts and reports
  • Distinguish special COBs (e.g. month-end, interest payments …) 
  • Top run-time jobs, special jobs, jobs performed worse / better than an average
  • Intelligent average calculating methods
  • Support prevention with analysing trends on running times, increasing record numbers, throughput degradation, long selection times etc. 
  • Statistics from jobs including pre- and post-COB jobs 
  • Knowledgebase and IO operations for COB jobs
  • Compare COBs and group of COBs (also different environments)
  • Management report after COB containing the most relevant COB information 


  • Initiate COB from a common dashboard
  • Support IT operators to perform all daily routine tasks and checks
  • Automate all pre-COB and post-COB tasks
  • Start independent tasks e.g. start or stop TSA.SERVICEs, initiate archiving process
  • Multiple COBs can be managed parallel
  • Jobs can dependent from another and jobs can be organized into groups
  • Follow the process of the running jobs, indicate if error occurs
  • Pre-defined Controller functions for the easier setup (e.g. pre- and post-COB backups, phantom or agent starter/stopper, checking EB.EOD.ERRORs, UNIX script runner, OFS commander, TCServer manager, TSM manager) 


  • The operator can perform diagnostic commands without having access to T24 or jShell
  • No system administrator intervention is needed
  • Secured way to run pre-defined commands for support purposes
  • Collect compact information of T24 / TAFC / GAMMA for helping the support
  • Pre-defined commands (ps, WHERE, jdls, SHOW-ITEM-LOCKS, tail, LIST, CT, COUNT, mw42)
  • Easy configuration or display of XML logfiles (e.g. TCServer.xml) 


  • Browser based user interface
  • A great deal of graphical portlets for real-time monitoring or analysing trends
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Nothing is required to be installed on the users’ PC
  • Environments can be differentiated by colours
  • Display errors when occurred
  • Quick overview of the monitored T24 areas
  • Portlets for comparing real-time data with historical ones
  • Only some portlets: Agent and phantom monitor, Service activity chart, user activity chart, average locks, MQ information, mw42 check, TCServer response times

For more information or register for a personalized live demo, please visit our product website at GAMMA - Monitor for T24.

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