GAMMA is an intelligent IT monitoring and management tool for Temenos T24. GAMMA supports IT operations to ensure high availability of T24 services, full business continuity and the achievement of service-level objectives through the real-time monitoring of business operations based on Temenos T24.

Our clients require more than just a general monitoring tool – they need an application-specific, intelligent monitoring application built on deep T24 knowledge and experience. Our solution enables the various persons involved in IT operations (CIO, COO, operators and system administrators) to be proactive, allowing them to monitor the systems on a real-time basis, and to intervene effectively and in time, before customers experience any problems. GAMMA does not simply display problems – it automatically evaluates any issues that arise, and assesses their likely impact on the business.

COB Monitor is a web-based component for monitoring COB processes in real time. It displays the current phase, status (normal, warning, major error), job running time, total number of active and pending jobs, and the predicted time of login. Once a warning or error alert appears, an alert request is sent to the Alerting component. Using COB Monitor, all the monitored COBs can be supervised in one summary view. 

COB Analyser is a web-based tool for analysing and evaluating COB-related information. This is a powerful component that enables the user to be proactive, and to identify trends, threats and correlations. The Analyser supports the IT department through numerous out-of-the box statistics and diagrams that draw on ABRIS’s formidable T24 experience and know-how.

Online Monitor supports users in monitoring the bank’s online IT operations in real time. Its purpose is to detect any discrepancies in the monitored components without delay. In the GAMMA message monitor users can analyse issues in detail. Our T24 support competence has enabled us to define only the relevant information, set to display on the basis of what are referred to as measurement points. As soon as a warning or error appears, an alert request is sent to the Alerting component.

Controller Manager is designed to support IT operators in the conduct of their day-to-day tasks, and to check and follow-up on such tasks. Typically, a user can perform specific daily IT operating tasks, COB preparation tasks, COB, and COB follow-up tasks in parallel and in several environments using GAMMA, either manually or automatically.

Remote Configurator allows the operators to run T24 and TAFC-level commands directly from GAMMA without going to T24. The aim is to give operators access only to a GAMMA view and not to T24 and application servers.

Please visit our product website at GAMMA - Monitor for T24.

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